We are bridging the
language gaps with our NG911 communications platform.

A next generation 911 (NG911) communications platform.

Convey 911 is a patent protected, web-based tool that provides a means for public safety personnel to engage in text and multimedia messaging in over 136+ languages and dialects via its easy-to-use interface, during an active request for service. 

An ECC can also use Convey 911 if there is a need to provide service updates during a low priority call for service in the native language of the reporting party. Citizens DO NOT need to download an app or go through a registration to send or receive messages, and ECCs do not need to purchase new hardware. 

The messages that are exchanged are stored in the GovCloud for evidential purposes. Convey 911 is only accessible by law enforcement and messages may be SECURELY downloaded in the event further evidence is needed for discovery. We provide a secure end-to-end chain of custody.

One Click Away

When a citizen calls or texts 911, they expect an immediate response. This can be challenging if insufficient information is provided, particularly if the citizen speaks another language.

Convey 911 identifies the reporting party’s primary language as indicated from the mobile device being used to call for help.

Convey 911 also allows the ECC to initiate a text conversation in English and translate the text into the native language of the citizen.

When the citizen responds, their SMS will be converted from their native language back to English, creating an efficient and effective communication process.


Combined we bring almost 75 years of public safety knowledge and experience to the industry.
Jeff Bruns
CEO, Co-founder

Jeff is a technology disruptor and has co-founded several tech startups over his career. With over 15 years of public safety experience in fire and EMS, Jeff leverages his technology talent to meet the needs of the entire public safety industry. Jeff's entrepreneurial background, combined with his knowledge in developing strong startup companies, lends a level of experience not often seen in new tech companies. Jeff studied computer science and information systems at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Lisa Reagan
CRO, Co-founder

Lisa Reagan served in the US Army's Counter Drug Task Force for many years. After being honorably discharged, she worked as a Certified Criminal Intelligence Analyst at both the state and local level. After 9 years of public service, Lisa worked for several public safety industry leading technology companies where she helped to significantly grow their annual revenue. Lisa is a visionary, a US patent holder and a Convey911 cofounder. She comes from a family of law enforcement officers and lives in Portland, Maine.

Chris Dew
Director of Sales

Chris is a 25-year public servant. He started his fire service career as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT while in high school. He went on to become a paramedic and worked for 20 years in the career fire service. While doing so, he served in many different capacities, including Community outreach & CPR coordinator, Union President, and Tactical Paramedic. Chris is still an active volunteer firefighter. Chris has also been successful in the real estate market where he has closed over $15 million in deals since 2021. Chris has a bachelor's Degree in Management and a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership both from Johns Hopkins University.