Transform Communication with ConveyConnect Language Interpretation Service

Empower your workforce: Equip call center personnel, first responders, and field teams with our game-changing ConveyConnect mobile app for seamless language interpretation.

Language Interpretation Service

Certified Interpreters Network

Gain instant access to a network of over 22,000 certified interpreters specializing in public safety, mental health, healthcare, and more. Our interpreters possess the expertise and linguistic skills necessary to facilitate effective communication  in critical situations. Trust in our qualified professionals to bridge the language gap seamlessly.

Language Barrier Solutions

Break down language barriers with our comprehensive language support. We offer interpretation services in over 350 languages and dialects, including sign language variations such as ASL, SSL, SEE, PSE, and Hungarian. No matter the language or mode of communication, we have the resources to facilitate effective understanding.

Fast On-Site Interpreters

When immediate on-site interpretation is needed, we've got you covered. Our extensive network allows us to provide on-site interpreters for most languages within 4-6 hours. Count on our reliable service to bring qualified interpreters to your location swiftly, ensuring smooth communication in critical situations.

Quick Connection Time

Connect to an interpreter in less than 30 seconds with our efficient platform. We understand the urgency of effective communication, and our system ensures a seamless connection with an interpreter who can assist you promptly. Say goodbye to waiting times and experience real-time interpretation when you need it most.

22K Interpreters
Specialized in Safety, Mental Health, and 911 Services

350+ Languages
Including Sign Languages

30 Seconds
To Connect with an Interpreter

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