Convey911 Joins the RapidSOS Partner Network and is now RapidSOS Ready

November 8, 2023

Baltimore, MD – February 7th, 2023 - Convey911’s and RapidSOS announced today a joint partnership to provide emergency first responders and 911 telecommunicators with the ability to access Convey911’s text-to-911 communication and language translation platform within RapidSOS Portal, a free solution for Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) that provides critical data to 911 telecommunicators and first responders. With this partnership, Convey911 also joins the RapidSOS Partner Network, a community of RapidSOS Ready public safety software companies that deliver their product offerings through RapidSOS Portal to unify public safety tools and resources onto one platform.

Today, location accuracy in emergency response has improved thanks to next generation 911 technologies. However, telecommunicators in the U.S. and around the world often still have to rely on the limited information a phone call can provide to gather additional context around an incident. This can result in first responders arriving on scene under-informed and an overuse of valuable dispatching resources.

With customers in multiple states, Convey911 offers agencies real text-to-911. Additional capabilities include seamless real-time, bi-directional language translation in 350+ languages for text messaging, voice calls, and a point and click workflow to access a network of 22,000 Public Safety certified interpreters.  Convey911 also provides FREE-Video access, consensual people finding capabilities, MMS, and is leading provider to help agencies meet their FCC enhanced E911 indoor location accuracy standards with Z-Axis. Convey911 can also be used as a standalone system for administrators, investigators, text to and from 311, 211, 988, or any landline your agency is currently using for non-emergency purposes. Convey911’s clients report the technology is easy to implement and use and decreases dispatcher fatigue while also helping departments build trust with the communities they serve.

Lisa Reagan, Co-Founder and CRO, said “Lack of real-time access to interpreters for all languages, including Spanish, continues to be a problem for all verticals in the public safety sector. Long wait times and clunky workflows leave departments at risk. Convey911 is providing a full suite of communications and real-time translation tools-built to bridge these gaps.” Jeff Bruns, Co-Founder and CEO adds, “We’ve built a cloud-native integration platform that leverages the power of AI and Machine learning while also adding a network of human-based translators that are one click away.  We believe helping public safety meet their mandates and chain of custody requirements should be simple for them.”

The RapidSOS and Convey911’s solution is currently available to Emergency Communication Centers with access to RapidSOS Portal. To learn more about how your ECC can leverage this solution, visit: