Breaking Communication Barriers: Baltimore City 911 Partners with Convey911

November 8, 2023

Baltimore City 911 and Convey911 have joined forces to revolutionize emergency communication and eliminate language barriers.


Baltimore City 911 and Convey911 have partnered to break communication barriers, revolutionize emergency communication, and create a forward-thinking alliance. This partnership harnesses Convey911's passion for helping the Baltimore community and demonstrates Baltimore's innovative spirit and commitment to providing seamless access to essential services for all residents.


+ Bi-directional language translation in over 170+ languages, ensuring prompt response coordination between citizens and emergency services

+ Revolutionary communication tools, including Text-To-911, Text-From-911, and Non-Emergency Texting, enabling immediate and accurate communication between Baltimore City 911 and individuals, regardless of their spoken language

+ Live streaming video to 911 with real-time translation and transcription, enhancing situational awareness for emergency responders

+ Seamless integration of Convey911's cloud-native technology with Baltimore City's 911 infrastructure, providing an uninterrupted experience for residents and visitors

"Convey911 is a game-changer as we bridge communication gaps and ensure that all community members, including those who are non-verbal or face language barriers, can access essential services without hesitation. Baltimore City is proud to embrace this cutting-edge technology that propels us toward a future where language will never be a barrier again."

Tenea Reddick, Director of Baltimore City's 911 Emergency Call Center