Convey911 Empowers Frederick County with Real-time Language Translation Solutions

November 8, 2023

Convey911 improves translation and location capabilities for Frederick County's Division of Emergency Management, providing on-demand translators in over 350 languages and enhancing services like automatic language detection and vertical location tracking to aid first responders in emergency situations.


Convey911 has provided Frederick County with a comprehensive platform that enables seamless multilingual text, video, and voice communication, effectively breaking down language barriers and promoting equity and accessibility in emergency response. This innovative partnership enhances the county's ability to communicate with diverse communities. It serves as a model for other jurisdictions seeking to revolutionize their emergency communication systems to better serve their citizens.


+ Enhanced Multilingual Communication: The partnership provides Frederick County with the ability to communicate in over 350 languages, breaking down language barriers during emergencies.

+ Improved Response Times: Convey911's automatic language detection and translation features lead to faster response times by streamlining communication for emergency responders.

+ Vertical Location Tracking: The partnership includes vertical location tracking, helping responders pinpoint a caller's altitude, particularly valuable in multi-story buildings or urban environments.

"10-minute wait times on 911 calls, vendor issues, and lack of regulations—we're ready to take action. Collaboration with trusted partners, testing in our world, and ensuring the best consensus translation are key. We must propel forward, reduce hold times, and transform emergency response for bilingual communities. It's about the person in distress and equipping officers with the right resources."

Jack Markey, Director, Division of Emergency Management, Frederick County, MD