NGA and CONVEY911 Announce the Partnership Aimed to Revolutionize NG911 Call-Handling

November 8, 2023

Monrovia, CA - June 19th, 2023 - NGA 911, LLC and Convey911 proudly announce  their partnership and collaboration, revolutionizing NG911 call-handling. This transformative alliance enhances security, comfort, and connection within the 9-1-1  community, setting a new standard for excellence. 

By integrating Convey911's state-of-the-art 170+ language/dialect translation and video  link relay technology into NGA's call-handling equipment, call-takers will experience enhanced situational awareness. This integration enables an instant break down of the  language barrier, ensuring effective communication and understanding during critical  situations. Unlocking more value to the 9-1-1 community, such as: 

• Cloud integration to transcribe and translate 9-1-1, 9-8-8, admin calls, text, and  video, among other integration possibilities. 

• Coordination between Convey911 and NGA on initial offerings for call-handling  solutions, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality. 

“Every person deserves to be heard and understood, especially during emergencies  when clear communication can make a life-saving difference. Our collaboration with  Convey911 allows us to extend our reach and offer inclusive services that cater to  diverse linguistic needs. This commitment to equal access is deeply rooted in our  mission to empower emergency response agencies and serve all members of the  community with compassion and effectiveness.” Stated Don Ferguson, CEO and Co founder at NGA. 

“Language access is vital to ensuring the success of the mission," emphasizes Jeff  Bruns, CEO and Co-Founder of Convey911. "In a first-world country where 66 million  people speak a language other than English, it is unacceptable that we cannot  communicate with them in their time of need. This partnership between NGA and  Convey911 will equip NGA with some truly next-gen capabilities over all the common  modalities like video, voice, SMS, and text-to-911. Like Convey, NGA is a disruptor, and  this collaboration will provide PSAPs with a cost-effective and feature-rich call handling  solution to perform the job faster and more effectively when every second counts.  Language access is not just essential; it's the key to serving the community and  executing the mission successfully.”

About NGA: 

NGA is dedicated to providing the highest level of redundancy, resiliency, and  availability to the 9-1-1 community, ensuring the accurate and high-performance  transmission of voice, text, and media in emergency telecommunications. Our solutions  are built with a focus on transitioning from legacy to NG911, prioritizing the needs of  call-takers and PSAPs. With the vision to be the leader in i3-compliant NG911 end-to end solutions and the foremost innovator in emergency calling technology services,  both in the US and internationally. Striving to position to be the most trusted NG911  solution for supporting all service providers, types, and tiers. Please visit 

About Convey911: 

Convey911 is a trusted provider of language translation solutions, specializing in delivering accurate and efficient translation services for emergency communications. Convey911's advanced technology enables seamless language translation in real-time, ensuring effective communication during critical situations. Please visit