Communications & Language Translation Solutions
Text, Video & Voice

Enabling public safety, law enforcement and public sector  to communicate in any language over text, video, and voice.

Bringing innovation, technology and industry experience to public safety.

Convey911 is a patent protected, web-based communications platform providing text, multimedia, video & location capabilities with built in language translation supporting over 135 languages & dialects.
text 911 in 125+ languages, convey 911
SMS & MMS in 135+ Languages & dialects

Most PSAPs rely on human-based translation services when they receive calls from non-English speakers. Hold times waiting for a translator can be lengthy, and the quality and accuracy of translated conversations often depends on the translator's experience.

Our automated language detection and translation allows you start communicating in any of 135+ languages in less than 30 seconds.

Real-time Location & People Finding

Whether it's a 911 caller or a welfare check for a lost hiker, location is a critical part of the 911 workflow. Our real-time location services provide a breadcrumb mapping experience for locating callers and citizens for both 911 and non-emergency scenarios.

Obtain latitude, longitude & Z-Axis location data in real time through a one-click workflow.

cloud based software, convey911
Cloud NATIVE / cloud agnostic

Public safety demands a mission critical infrastructure and our cloud native technology allows us to run in all three major cloud providers as well as on-premise and hybrid clouds.

We've built redundancy into our infrastructure which provides automatic failover across geographical regions to ensure zero downtime for your agency.

evidence storage compliant software, convey911
compliant evidence storage & sharing

We understand the legal requirements of public safety and law enforcement and we've built evidence management into our platform to ensure legal compliance standards are met. Digital evidence is cryptographically signed, secured, and shared to ensure legal chain of custody remains intact.

point & click interactive video

Quickly deploy video capabilities into the field when you need to glean situational awareness from the caller's perspective. Remotely control peripheral devices and collect snapshots and other digital evidence.

multilingual text platform ng911 software, convey911
patent-protected software
Our technology is patent protected and we're eligible as a sole source provider under most procurement schedules.

We can help with your procurement through our partner contract vehicles and grant-based financing opportunities.

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Our partners are our biggest supporters and our partnership with RapidSOS has helped to bring Convey911 to the forefront of the industry. With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ everyday experiences, and our integration with RapidSOS has made our simple and meaningful technology easily accessible for PSAPs across the country.
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