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Enabling public safety, law enforcement and public sector to

communicate in any language over text, video, and voice.

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Our innovative interpretation tools will render language obstacles obsolete.

The Convey Communications Platform is a patent-protected, web-based communications platform providing text, multimedia, video & location capabilities with built-in language translation supporting over 170 languages & dialects

Revolutionizing Language Translation for Public Sector

Convey911 leverages cutting-edge technology to provide seamless translations in real-time for public sector institutions and emergency services.

Empower Your Dispatchers with Language Solutions

Our powerful platform assists dispatchers in overcoming language barriers, ensuring critical information is understood during emergencies.

Empowering Communities with Seamless Access to Essential Services

Convey911 provides inclusive language solutions for both emergency and non-emergency situations, ensuring equal access to essential services through seamless multi-modal channels.

Our impact

Our cutting-edge technology has facilitated communication in crucial moments, saving countless lives and transforming the way the world communicates during both emergency and non-emergency situations. We're fueled by success stories and motivated by the profound impact our language platform has on both emergency responders and the people they serve at Convey911.

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