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NGA and CONVEY911 Announce the Partnership Aimed to Revolutionize NG911 Call-Handling

NGA 911, LLC and Convey911 proudly announce their partnership and collaboration, revolutionizing NG911 call-handling.

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Convey911 Joins the RapidSOS Partner Network and is now RapidSOS Ready

Convey911’s and RapidSOS announced today a joint partnership to provide emergency first responders and 911 telecommunicators with the ability to access Convey911’s text-to-911 communication and language translation platform within RapidSOS Portal, a free solution for Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) that provides critical data to 911 telecommunicators and first responders.

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Convey911 Partners with Critical Response Group to Revolutionize Emergency Communication with Critical Incident Mapping

Convey911, an emerging leader in the language access space, is excited to announce a partnership with Critical Response Group (CRG), the nation's leader on critical incident mapping data.

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Rebecca Dungey
Director of Marketing

About Convey911:

Convey911 is a trusted provider of language translation solutions, specializing in delivering accurate and efficient translation services for emergency communications. Convey911's advanced technology enables seamless language translation in real-time, ensuring effective communication during critical situations. Please visit