Convey911 Partners with Critical Response Group to Revolutionize Emergency Communication with Critical Incident Mapping

November 8, 2023

Baltimore, MD – November 1, 2023  – Convey911, an emerging leader in the language access space, is excited to announce a partnership with Critical Response Group (CRG), the nation's leader on critical incident mapping data. This collaboration brings an exciting fusion of innovation and expertise to Convey911's platform, empowering our users to navigate critical incidents with CRG’s enhanced situational mapping across all of the modern communications tools offered by the Convey911 platform.

CRG, renowned for its contribution producing common operating pictures that bolster command and control efforts during emergencies, offers invaluable real-world experiences garnered from United States Special Operations Forces (USSOF) and senior law enforcement executives. With thousands of direct-action raids over the past two decades and numerous state-wide deployments within the last five years, CRG's background ensures an unmatched depth of knowledge in this field.

This strategic partnership marks an important step for Convey911, reaffirming our dedication to delivering seamless and all-encompassing communication solutions to emergency services, local government agencies, and enterprises throughout North America. By integrating CRG's critical incident mapping capabilities into our platform, Convey911 is equipping its users with enhanced situational awareness and precision during emergency responses.

Jeff Bruns, CEO of Convey911, expressed his excitement, stating, "CRG has tremendous institutional knowledge in the space we’re excited about the collaboration that will result from this partnership. Integrating CRG’s enhanced mapping capabilities into the Convey platform alongside our suite of communication tools will provide officers and first responders with advanced situational awareness during emergency responses."

“We are elevating the common operating picture to a level where language and geographical barriers are virtually eliminated,” added Michael Rodgers, CEO of CRG. “Our partnership with Convey911 underscores our relentless commitment to fostering a collaborative environment and will significantly reduce response times, eliminate points of friction, and ensure seamless information flow during critical incidents.”

Convey's already robust suite of services encompasses Text-to-911, integrated language translation across text, video and voice, real-time location services with 3D mapping of height above terrain (Z-Axis) and streaming video. The incorporation of CRG's critical incident mapping will enhance the platform's offerings for emergency communications and response.

For additional information about Convey911 and its comprehensive suite of services, please visit or reach out to Lisa Reagan at To explore Critical Response Group, Inc., please visit or contact them at

About Convey911:

Convey911 is a pioneering communications and language translation solution designed to cater to the needs of emergency services, local government agencies, and enterprises. Its comprehensive suite of services includes Text-to-911 language translation, real-time voice and video communication, location services, and streaming video. Their ConveyConnect service  Convey911 is headquartered in Baltimore, MD and empowers communities across North America through seamless and inclusive communication.

About Critical Response Group:

Critical Response Group, Inc. stands as the nation's foremost authority in critical incident mapping data, responsible for producing common operating pictures that amplify command and control efforts during emergencies. The genesis of CRG is rooted in the practical experiences gained from thousands of real-life direct-action raids conducted by the United States Special Operations Forces (USSOF) over the past two decades and numerous domestic county-wide deployments over the past five years. The management team, consisting of decorated and combat-tested USSOF officers and senior law enforcement executives, provides a unique perspective on building and implementing CRGs for emergency services, local government agencies, and enterprises, with a steadfast focus on ensuring their effectiveness during times of crisis. For more information, visit or contact us by emailing